When couples are searching for wedding photographers, there are certain services that have become more and more universal: scheduling engagement sessions to have options for a Save-the-Date, inviting the photographer to the rehearsal dinner to meet the family and document special memories, and maybe even scheduling a day-after session for some time to shoot the newlyweds in a more relaxed environment. But there is one piece of the puzzle that I always recommend to my brides: scheduling a bridal session.

The timeline for scheduling a bridal session is usually consistent with the wedding dress’ final fitting, so it’s also a sort of introduction to that surreal “holy cow my wedding’s only a month away, it all feels so real now!” feeling.

This time is all about you. You’ve got your wedding dress on, fitted to your perfect specifications. You’ve got your makeup done just like it will be on the big day. Your hair is fixed up just the same. Your bouquet is identical to when you’ll be walking down the aisle. You look in the mirror and most of my brides will say “I FEEL LIKE A BRIDE!” *and usually I’ll be crying at this point because I’m so happy for you and y’all are so beautiful and I just cry all the time so..*

We’ll walk around the shoot location, just having the best time. During bridals, everyone’s so simply happy and laughs are so easy to find, the photographs practically make themselves! You might be thinking, “We just got engaged, but we only have a couple months until the wedding and my wedding dress final fitting will be cutting it really close! How would I have time to schedule a bridal session?” Well don’t worry, this is also very common. Some engagements are shorter than others and some brides won’t have months and months to plan. You should speak with your photographer about having a few minutes on your wedding day just for yourself. Even in the beautiful chaos of a wedding day, you’ll be thankful to have some shots of
just you (and your excitement!) before you see your groom!

Weddings can be quite the adventure to not only experience, but planning them is a completely different ballgame. There are so many details the couple has to think about in advance, sometimes even a full year beforehand. I don’t know about you, but I don’t even know what I’m eating for dinner tomorrow night, much less what I should be doing next year. Consult your photographer when you need, we’ve probably got an answer for you!

If you’re planning your wedding and I’ve convinced you to take bridals, then my job here is done! Connect with me today to book your bridal session – trust me, it’s going to be a blast!